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          Category:Commercial Office building

          項目階段 在售中

          project phase:In a sale



          • 地鐵13號、25號地鐵線紀翟路站位于500米內;

          • 諸光路隧道5分鐘直達國家會展中心;

          • 北瞿高架/嘉閔高架15分鐘直達亞洲最大虹橋交通樞紐;

          • 北橫通道西起北瞿路長寧路,東至周家嘴路隧道,連接中環;


          • 緊鄰上海新虹橋國際醫學中心,規劃8所醫院


          • 周邊7所國際學校


          • 多個高端別墅項目組成的國際居住社區,大都會高爾夫俱樂部,上海網球俱樂部,英皇UA電影城以及五星級酒店等。


          DAZIRAN HONGQIAO CENTER is located in the core business district of Hongqiao and has come into being the benchmark for low-carbon, garden-oriented and headquarter type office-style business life. It covers an area of about 20,000 square meters, construction area of about 70,000 square meters, of which, 40,000 square meters are on the ground, and 30,000 square meters are underground, and 526 parking spaces are reserved. The project is consists of six 8-storey original stone buildings, 8 floors are above the ground and 2 are underground in each.

          With the design of 3D hanging roof garden and overall ecological forest landscape waterfront system, the total greening rate of the park reaches as high as 65%.

          The project has adopted five high-efficient energy-saving systems, which won it the LEED pre-certified Gold Award from the US Green Building Council, and made it one of a world-class projects standing along with Shanghai World Expo center, Expo China Pavilion and World Trade Center III.

          Traffic surroundings:

          • Jidi Road Metro Station of Line 13/Line 25 within 500 meters

          • Zhuguang Road Tunnel takes5 minutes to the National Convention and Exhibition center

          • Beidi or Jia Min Viaduct, a 15-minute direct access to Asia's largest transport hub, Hongqiao Hub

          • Beiheng Channel,west starts from Beidi Road and Changning Road, east to Zhoujiazui Road Tunnel, connecting to the Middle Ring

          Medical support:

          • Adjacent to Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Park which is planned for 8 hospitals

          Education support:

          • Surrounded by 7 international schools.

          Living support:

          • International residential community with multiple high-end villa projects, Metropolitan Golf Club, Shanghai Tennis Club, Loyal UA Studios and five-star hotels.

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